Guy Adopts What He Thought Was A Puppy, Actually Turns Out To Be Something Else Entirely

Who could resist the lure of a free puppy? That's what a man, a college student, from Arizona thought he was getting when he knocked at a house with a sign saying "Free Puppy"—he walked away with a little pup, who he called Neo, and took him home.

After living with Neo for a while though the owner noticed he would behave in odd ways. Firstly he wanted his owner's attention, all the time, and only his owner's attention. And he would pee and poop in the car whenever he was taken anywhere.

When his owner had to leave to go to college, Neo would dig under the fence in the backyard and go in to the neighbors' house. But he would cower from the people, never making eye contact, refuse any dog treats, and just wanted to hang with their German Shepherd. He'd keep escaping to the neighbors' house, digging under the fence or chewing through it, to be with their dog, until one day the neighbors had enough.

So they took Neo to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona shelter. It turns out Neo wasn't an ordinary dog, but a wolf dog. What's called a high content wolf dog, which means that while he's a hybrid of domestic dog and wolf, he has characteristics and behaviors more like a wolf than a dog. Hence him wanting to hang with the neighbors' dog, because he wanted to be with his pack.

It also explained his physical attributes, like his coarse fur and long, lanky limbs. But unless you're a Native American or have a permit you can't own a wolf dog in the state of Arizona, so Neo's owner had to give him away to Wolf Connection, which is a California-based wolf dog sanctuary.

Neo seems happy there though, as he now gets to hang, and howl, with the pack.

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