So You Think You Know Your Celebs? But Can You Guess Who These Famous Elbows Belong To?

Mere mortals like me and you possess elbows, but our elbows don't have that star quality. They don't possess that certain je ne sais elbow that Hollywood stars like, say, Matt Damon or Angelina Jolie's elbows have.

Celebrity elbows are oft overlooked for other parts of a celeb's body, and it's time to redress this balance.

The ratio of shots of elbows to shots of the face or other body part is way out of joint.

We need to make more room for elbows. Give it some elbow room, if you will.

Plus this is a really great way to test how stalkerishly you know your celebs.

So go, go guess the celebrity elbow.

The experience will enrich your life.


[mtouchquiz 17]

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