How Hipster Are You? It's Time For You To Take This Hilarious Test And Find Out Once And For All!

Sometimes it seems the whole world is one big hipster. Eating trees of sausages, drinking cocktails out of lab equipment, and wearing shirts that once clothed a 19th century English dandy.

But you know, while it may seem that way at times when you're deep in the hipster neighborhood of whatever city you live in, not everyone is like that. At least not ALL of their being, anyway. But maybe, just maybe there's a little bit of hipster in us all.

Yes, as loathed as you might be to admit it, you probably did once sit down in a coffee shop that also sells vinyl and vintage clothes and enjoy the experience.

And now, thanks to the internet, there is a definitive way of finding out exactly how hipster you are.

You can do that by taking the YouTube quiz below, which asks you to choose between various examples: like what type of headphones you might wear, what type of "happening" you might hold in a car park, what type of tattoo you might get on your face—that kind of stuff.

After you've made your choices a complicated algorithm programmed by the King of Hipsters himself (probably), will weigh it all up and then give you a percentage of how much hipster is within you.

You can then either wear it as a badge of pride or feel disgusted and spend the day in the shower.

Be afraid.

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