Have You Ever Wondered How Annoying Other People Really Think You Are? Find Out Here

Summertime is a season where you spend a lot of time around friends and family, holidays, weddings, parties, hitting the beach with friends, some of these events are duty bound and some are gatherings where it's an open invitation.

Sadly it's on these occasions that you have no choice but to endure and be nice to people that you have spent most of the year avoiding and sometimes your tolerance of other people's behavior is pushed to the limit, and beyond. And lets not even think about some people's online social activities and begin to fathom why they post the things the do on Facebook and Twitter. Why God, why?

Being annoying is pretty much everyone’s prerogative. We all do it, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. But some people are way more annoying than most. You know who you are! Well maybe you don’t, but everyone else certainly does.

So, in case you are one of those really annoying people but you just don’t know it, take this quiz and find out.


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