Screens Are Stealing People's Faces In This Photo Series Mocking Our Smartphone Addiction

Whether you're checking Facebook, looking at an email, catching up on the news, hanging out on Instagram or just browsing the internet, we all spend an awful lot of our time staring into a screen.

That addiction is the subject of this photo series by French photographer Antoine Geiger. Called SUR-FAKE photos of people looking at their phones becomes something altogether more alarming, as the screens literally suck people's faces off. They disappear into their shiny glass objects in a stream of smudged color.

It's not hard to see what message Geiger is saying with the photos, they're not subtle in indicating how our lives have become consumed by technology.

"The project came spontaneously," Geiger told The Creators Project. "All of a sudden I would be on the metro or in the museum and feel on my own while it's crowded. I could literaly see people's faces melting on their screens, like their identity was being lost in the non-space of technology, like the spacial dimension of the present has been outstretched."

The result is a series of disconcerting portraits shot in Paris, turning the everyday into something far more threatening. "It is placing the screen as an object of 'mass subculture', alienating the relation to our own body, and more generally to the physical world." notes the accompany text to the series on Geiger's website.