Short Film 'Snapchat Murders Facebook' Explores What Could Be The Next Big Social Network

"How often do you use Snapchat?" That's a question posed by filmmaker Casey Neistat in this short film. And chances are, unless you're a teenager, you probably don't use it that often. You might not even have the app on your phone. Using scenes from popular culture—Tarantino, Breaking Bad, Goodfellas—Neistat evaluates the current state of social media and looks to what the teens are using to point the direction of where it's heading.

And the teens are using Snapchat. A lot. Currently valued at $10 billion and looking at a possible investment from Yahoo, the company probably feel pretty good about rejecting that $3 billion Facebook aquisition last year.

The video story feature of the app seems to be what makes it so appealing to the legions of young people who are signing up for it. That and the fact it's so instantaneous and doesn't have an algorithm deciding what you see, like Facebook does. One problem, and it's not a small one either, is the app doesn't make money just yet, but it's something they're looking into with adverts directed at the users—although whether this will put people off we'll have to wait and see.

Neistat offers an insightful 101 into this new network, bringing up Friendster and MySpace to illustrate how what can seem an all pervasive part of our lives can so easily disappear to be replaced by the Next Big Thing.

Whether Snapchat will turn out to be the young prince that usurps the current social media kings, that remains to be seen. But if you were Facebook, having failed to buy out the competition this time and public opinion waning with every act of privacy invasion, you'd definitely be looking anxiously over your shoulder.


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