Snoop Dogg Interviews Lil Dicky For The Role Of 'Professional Rapper' In This Animated Music Video

Imagine like with most every other job in the world to be a professional rapper you had to go through a rigorous job interview. Where they sat you down in the most intimidating way possible and asked you about your background, your achievements, why you should have the role, and all the other stuff that makes interviewees feel idiotic and incapable.

Now that you're done imagining that, who in the rap world would be the best person to be the interviewer? That's right, Snoop Dogg. That's how the music video for Philly rapper and comedian Lil Dicky's new music video for "Professional Rapper" plays out—and it's animated too.

It's a clever concept, because after finally raising the money on Kickstarter for it, Dicky has very recently released his debut album, and as such is just breaking into the rap game. And breaking into it by making comedy raps too.

So proving himself is going to be the first thing he needs to do. And what better way to explain what he does and why he does it then by making a meta-song/video, where he does his justifying in the form of a fake job interview with one of rap's most well-known stars.

Take a look and a listen of it, whether you are a fan of rap or not, it's stylistically amazing and the tune's not bad either. Oh yeah, and Snoop Dogg looks like he was born for this role.


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