Hungover? Then You Might Not Want To Hear The New Song From Psy And Snoop

Your favorite—because you don’t know any others—South Korean popstar, Psy, is back (he actually never went away, you just changed, man, you changed) and this time he’s brought hip hop’s greatest stoner along to sing about a hangover. That’s hangover, hangover, hangover which the song constantly repeats in some kind of cruel mocking of anyone listening who does have the skull-sloshing sensation of suffering the after effects of too much tequila.

And the music itself is pretty much the musical embodiment of a hangover: pounding away incessantly until you can’t take it anymore and you have to go lie down in the foetal position rocking gently until you pass out. But the video makes up for the song’s lack of listenability because it has Snoop in it. Snoop raps, Snoop brushes his teeth, Snoop skips, Snoop plays pool, Snoop does shots, Snoop karate chops open a bottle of beer, Snoop acts like Snoop—and that’s enough.

Psy doesn’t care if you like the song or not anyway, because he can amass YouTube views like most of us accumulate dirty laundry. This is a man who beat a pre-career-free-fall Justin Bieber at the YouTube view game, currently sitting atop a record-smashing 2 billion plus views for “Gangnam Style”—which means that, while over a quarter of the world’s population might not have clean water, they’ve seen that video.

With that kind of track record, and with the might of South Korea’s world-leading, epic broadband speeds, it’s no surprise the video has already amassed over 3.5 million views in less than 24 hours. Will it surpass Gangnam Style? Hopefully not, because then we might have to listen to it on radio stations, in shopping malls, at weddings, over crappy video compilations for America's Funniest Home Videos for weeks. Years even. Your move, internet.

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