'The Force Awakens' Synched With Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side Of The Moon'—But Does It Work?

Most people are aware of the so-called 'Dark Side of the Rainbow' which posits that Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon album syncs up perfectly with The Wizard of Oz. You're supposed to start the pairing after the third roar from the MGM lion. And maybe drop some LSD while you're doing it too, it might help with the whole experience—so I'm told.

Anyway, now someone on Reddit has found out that this pairing works equally well for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Pink Floyd's album about life, death, and mental illness. You need to start playing it once the text disappears from the screen after the opening crawl—and then leave it on repeat. It'll play out around three times.

The video above demonstrates the first eight minutes and you can judge for yourself whether you think it works or not. It kind of does work, at times anyway, other times not so much but many people claim you could sync the album with all manner of different films and it would have the desired effect of looking like it's soundtracking the visuals.

Maybe that's testament to Pink Floyd's cinematic style on the album or its universal sound and subject matter. Or maybe it's just that in a universe of manifold possibilities, coincidences are numerous.

Anyway, the Redditor who came up with the idea has more details, along with a list of their favorite scenes that match the album, over on Reddit.


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