Poor Malnourished Blind Cat Found On The Streets Has The Most Adorable Eyes

Prepare your onion-chopping excuses now because this tale will bring a tear to the eye. It involves a stray cat called Jasmine who was found by rescuers wandering the streets of France malnourished and frightened. They soon discovered that she was also blind.

She was put up for adoption on Association Adoption Feline and was spotted by Sandra Coudray, who fell in love with the calico cat whose unusual face is split down the middle into black on one side, brown the other. A bit like Batman villain Two-Face but much, much cuter and without the coin-flipping.

"My mother saw a photo of Jasmine on Facebook from Association Adoption Feline and immediately showed it to me. She stole my heart right at that instant." Coudray told LoveMeow. "I immediately wanted to adopt her knowing that she was blind as I previously lived with a cat who had become blind with age,"

After being showered with love and affection by Coudray Jasmine is no longer afraid of humans and instead is lapping up her time in her new home. Her blindness, which is probably a result of malnutrition when she was left to fend for herself on the streets, in no way inhibits her from being a joyful little feline.

"Last time I went to Normandy for a few days to see my family and left her in the care of my brother. She waited for me on my bed most of the day every day." said Coudray. "Now she cannot do without us, and we can’t do without her. She brings us so much joy and love.”

It's onions. I swear, I'm cutting onions!

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