Gary The Trendy Hipster Cat Sports A Groovy Goatee And Looks Great In A Beanie Hat

Gary the cat has been blessed with a patch of fur that makes him look like he's sporting a little beard. And so he has earned the nickname of hipster cat. He's also been compared to U2's The Edge and his owner, Charlene Dahilig, refers to him as "Heisenpurrg" because his beard is similar to Walt's in Breaking Bad.

"Everyone who sees Gary comments on his impressive beard. I noticed it from the first time I spotted him in our back garden." Dahilig told The Mirror. It stood out as I'd never seen anything like it before. He's always had his defined goatee, even when he was a tiny kitten. To me he looks like Heisenberg from Breaking Bad."

To make the most of Gary's goatee Dahilig loves dresseing him up in over-sized bowties, bandana neck scarves, neckties, and beanies. Anything that is in keeping with his impeccable fashion sense.

Sometimes he doesn't look too happy dressed up in some of the outfits, but it's all just a ruse, deep down he's a joyful, happy feline. But just like all cats it's a good idea to keep those humans on their toes with worry.

"His wide range of expressions make for great photos. He may look sarcastic and moody, but in reality he is the sweetest, most loving cat I have ever had." Dahilig notes.

She goes on to say, "He greets us at the door, cuddles constantly, and loves all people, especially kids. He does some unusual things, such as drinking from the garden hose and wearing hats for photos. He is the cat of a lifetime."

He certainly is.

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