Dubstep Christmas Light Show - Texas Family Turn Their Home Into An Insane Xmas Light Display

If you like your front lawn Christmas light show to have plenty (and i mean 'plenty') of flashing colored lights AND a pounding synced dubstep soundtrack, then the Johnson family have got you covered.

If you don't like your Christmas light show to have that, what's wrong with you?

Head of the family Matt Johnson spends all year prepping his epic light show, which the family have been doing since 2013, each year upping their game until, you know, you get to custom dubstep soundtracks.

“I have not kept track of the hours but I bet I average about 4-6 hours per 10 seconds of show, the show is 11 minutes long so around 450 to 650 hours.” Matt told Buzzfeed on how long it takes to create the display.

You can't deny that it's very impressive. And tacky.

But if you can't do tacky during the festive season, when can you? As for the music, maybe the dubstep drop is the new "White Christmas" (Wub Christmas?).

The Christmas light show runs between 6PM and 10PM over the holiday season at the family's home in San Antonio, Texas.

Here's their lightshow from last year:

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