The Top 5 'Essential' Songs You Should Definitely Be Playing If You Want A Baby To Stop Crying

Every parent would probably agree that babies are definitely the cutest things on the planet, yep, when they are fun, giggly and full of smiles your heart just melts and you feel blessed that they are part of your life.

But should the emotional tide turn and suddenly the smiles disappear and they start to cry uncontrollably they manifest into the kind of entity that leaves you questioning why you ever thought having a child was a good idea and leaves you desperately searching for the receipt (that of course doesn't exist) so you can take them back to the shop and exchange them for something less....noisy!

It's all part of the joys of parenthood and every parent has their own trick or tip to restore order in the infant world, but should this suddenly cease to work then you will be desperately needing a sure-fire method of restoring peace in the household.

So take some time to study the following 5 different styles of music therapy below that seem to work magic on these rugrats and just hope they might work for you one day.


5. "Copy Of A" by Nine Inch Nails - Turns a crying child into a smiling dancer (worth a watch for the baby's very cute initial response).

4. "One Time" by Justin Bieber - Looks like Justin has a new cute little Belieber who is a 5 month old baby girl, who screams when he isn't singing.

3. "Beautiful Girl by Tyrone Wells - This looks like it it really does work every time, the look on the little girl's face is adorable.

2. "K.I.N.G" by Satyricon - When everything else fails, Norwegian black-metal is the answer, get ready to turn the volume up to '11'.

1. "Hypnotize" by The Notorious B.I.G - This baby looks like she needs some serious music to calm her down and Biggie Smalls doesn't fail to deliver.

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