Hilarious Video Imagines If Pop Songs With 'Baby' In The Lyrics Were About Actual Babies

When it comes to pop song lyrics the word "baby" is right up there in terms of usage with "oh," "yeah" and "love." So many songs from so many different artists use the word whether it's about their "baby" being good to them or them telling their "baby" that they're worth it.

Of course they don't actually mean a real baby, it's instead a personal term of relationship endearment usually applied to a boyfriend/girlfriend or lover.

But what if they really were talking about real babies, how would that play out?

Well, save your brain cells because you don't have to imagine it, because Israeli sketch group Tachles have imagined it for you in their hilarious video "Baby, This Song Is For You."

And it turns songs with lyrics that you wouldn't normally think twice about into very strange and sometimes downright dangerous ("Baby, you can drive my car" for instance) scenes. It's dark humor at it's best.

Not only that but for the baby Tachles have animated a kid's baby doll toy, giving it freaky expressive eyes. Then just to add to the weirdness of it all for some reason the baby has a little goatee beard too.

It all adds up to some very odd but very amusing music videos. Some of which are definitely inappropriate.

See below for another Tachles sketch about children, this time it's about that moment when you realize you've left something precious in the car and you rush back to get it.

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