Space Cats: Autotuned Astro-Felines Are Meowing Through The Cosmos—Because Why Not?

Do you ever hear a tune that gets stuck in your head all day long? You know the kind i'm talking about, it's pleasant at first, but after about 8 hours of listening to the same melody replaying itself on autoplay in your brain does take it's toll and starts to drive you insane. And what's worse is you can't make it stop.

Well this is one of those times if you elect to play and listen to the video above. You have been warned.

If you ever wondered what you might need to make such a song, well, turns out you can make something catchy and addictive out of pretty much anything. And that includes something as simple as two cute kittens meowing. Which is exactly what YouTuber Enjoyker has done.

The video for his song Space Cats "Magic Fly" features two cute kittens (the space cats) set against a backdrop of space images, because they're space cats you see. They then proceed to meow. And that's it.

Well, apart from their meows being fed through autotune, oh there's a few purr sounds too, and an electro beat is added. Because every catchy song needs an electro beat.

The result is actually quite a catchy tune. Ok, i lied, it's totally addictive.

Whether that's because of Enjoyker's music-making skills or because modern technology allows people to make music from anything, who knows? Most likely it's a bit of both.

For more autotuned brilliance by Enjoyker check out his take on Shia LaBeouf's "Just Do it" speech below.

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