The Need For Speed: Video Shows Lamborghini Huracan Freeway Crash At Over 200mph

Hungarian police have released footage of a Lamborghini Huracan supercar crashing at over 200mph. The $300,000 car was being pushed to its limits by the driver on the M7 public highway in Hungary.

The car was going 202mph when the driver hit a barrier and careered off the road and into a ditch where the vehicle caught fire. It was the first reported crash for a Lamborghini Huracan and happened in September last year. A devastating loss, unless you live in Dubai where they leave cars like this abandoned.

Since then the police uploaded the video which shows footage from inside the car at the very moment the driver starts to lose control, but cuts away before the actual crash. Instead it shows the aftermath of the devastated Lamborghini that's turned into a ball of crushed metal and completely unrecognizable.

Miraculously both the driver and the female passenger survived, but the driver did suffer severe burns that took over a week to heal.


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