Wild Ocelot Kitten Attacks Wildlife Presenter Coyote Peterson! In The Most Adorable Way Possible

Coyote Peterson presents web series Breaking Trail for YouTube channel Brave Wilderness, and while working on an episode he was out in the remote Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. It was night and he was searching around for reptiles and amphibians, but instead he found an ocelot.

Or, the ocelot found him. The encounter is incredible really, because although this is a wild cat it doesn't maul or aggressively attack Peterson. Instead it plays with him, nuzzling against him and playfully biting him.

The reason being is that while it may be wild it's used to humans, because it hangs out a lot on the trail that Peterson was on. In fact he was told that if he walks that particular trail he's likely to bump into this beautiful creature.

It's essentially acting like a huge house cat, except if it wanted to savage the guy it could do. Because although the one he encounters is a juvenile once fully grown, as Peterson notes in the video, they could pretty much take down anything in the Costa Rican forest where they live. They just run, leap, sink in their front claws and bite the jugular. Eeek.

Still, what an experience and what an experience to capture on camera. The rarity of which the filmmakers acknowledge.

"Ocelot’s have a wide range stretching from Argentina to Texas and while they have fairly healthy populations in the topics they are extremely elusive and rarely seen by humans." the YouTube page notes. "There has never been another video like this and we feel so extremely fortunate to have had this incredible experience…it’s one we’ll certainly never forget."


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