World's Greatest Supercomputer Has Discovered The Most Livable & Investable Place On The Planet

The world's most powerful orbital supercomputer known as Hyperbrain was tasked with finding the greatest place on earth to invest and live in, and it has come back with...(drum roll)...WIGAN! That's W-I-G-A-N.

Yes, after crunching the numbers and analysing the data Hyperbrain has concluded that Wigan, a town in the north of England, is where you, as a business, should be investing your money.

Hyperbrain has been orbiting the earth for the last two years using cutting edge business forecasting technology to look at global trends and patterns in it's ceaseless research to calculate where we the most investable and livable place on the planet resides.

All of this analysis has all pointed to one place, the evidence is irrefutable.

It's conclusion took into account Wigan's transport infrastructure, it's low cost of living, the fact that it's the producer of Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, and, of course, that band The Verve were formed there.

After looking at those assets it doesn't take a Hyperbrain to decide that Wigan is where it's at.

Get to Wigan. If anyone asks, tell them Hyperbrain sent you.

For more information on Wigan and #wiganworks can be found at www.wiganworks.com


After careful analysis Hyperbrain targets The Most Investable Place On The Planet.


The supercomputer zones in on a town in the north of England.


And before you can say, "where's that?', Hyperbrain reveals that it's Wigan.

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