World's Longest Fingernails Measure 30ft Long And Haven't Been Cut For Over 60 Years

Shridhar Chillal has been growing his nails for 63 years. And that endurance test has earned him a place in the Guinness World Records 2016 book, holding the title for having the longest fingernails on a single hand EVER!

They're an impressive, if somewhat off-putting, 29 feet 10 inches long (collectively) and Chillal, who comes from Prune City in Maharashtra, India, hasn't cut the nails, which are on his left hand, since 1952. The thumbnail alone, which is so long it coils into a keratin spiral, is over 6ft long.

Being at such length, his nails aren't the strongest and he tells the Guinness Book of Records that sleeping is a bit of a problem, "I can’t move much, so every half an hour or so I wake up and move my hand to the other side of the bed."

He also says it took him some effort to find a wife, as potential bride's parents were afraid he'd accidentally strangle them, while the women themselves were, understandably, somewhat repelled by Chillal's nails.

But he did eventually find a wife, his brother's sister-in-law, and has found satisfaction with his new found accolade. "After being recognised by Guinness World Records, I felt like I had achieved the biggest goal in my life." he notes.

Chillal hopes that once he no longer has any use for the nails they'll be displayed in a museum. No doubt so future generations can come, look, learn, and puke a little in their mouths.


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