14 Unbelievable Items That The TSA Has Confiscated From Plane Passengers

Always remember that idiots not only walk among us, they fly over us as well. The TSA knows this, they also know that the real question you have to ask is; were any of these people an actual threat? Were they intent on causing harm, or were they just incredibly dumb, intent on brining some cool-looking item from a foreign country back home to show off to their friends and family.

It's all a matter of perspective, but probably a good rule of thumb to adhere to if you are ever thinking of bringing something back home from your travels is that normal people should be able to figure out that carrying 81 pounds of marijuana or a mortar round onto a plane will get you into trouble, very serious trouble, even if you look cool.

Here are a list of 14 incredible items that really don't belong anywhere near a commercial aircraft:


1. This makes a good argument for not using your phone during take-off and landing.


2. If you need to use something like this on a plane then you are in the wrong movie. WTF!?!


3. Is it a comb, is it a knife, is it a threat - YES!


4. Because i guess you never know when you are going to need a mortar shell.


5. Knives hidden inside credit cards - Priceless!


6. 81 Pounds of marijuana - How high do you wanna fly?


7. Bear repellent - Seems legit!?


8. Flails - More like FAIL!


9. A fake watch that looks like a bomb - Nope, i can't see that causing a problem.


10. Drugs hidden inside a book - Unless it's the Twilight Saga then the TSA are gonna want to read it.


11. Cherry bombs are fun to set off, but not on a plane. EVER!


12. A meat cleaver - When the in-flight cutlery can't cut your steak dinner, maybe?


13. A Sword hidden inside a cane - I'm guessing this could be useful when you all fight to disembark when the plane lands?


14. A Taser hidden inside a lipstick tube - I definitely wouldn't want to kiss the woman who had this.


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