Discover The Truth Behind What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Relationship

Those of us who know realize that sleeping alone is not the same as sleeping with someone else, be it your partner, a stranger, the dog, or some other being, it's a whole different ball-game when there's more than one of you in the bed. Yep, sleeping alone is a sad life, but on the upside you do get more of the bed.

Last year Buzzfeed made a pretty good video (above) about how the way you sleep says a lot more about you than you think, but it was a solo experience and things change radically when you have company at bedtime.

Sure you have a fulfilling relationship with your other half when you're both awake, but what about when you are fast asleep? Sometimes the dynamics of love can change when you go to sleep.

When you're in a relationship the politics of who sleeps where and how much duvet they get is something that can lead to you NOT being in a relationship. It's complicated.

But there's also a science to sleeping positions. And by science I mean comedian and illustrator Holly Walsh's humorous pictures, which show the type of relationship you have just be looking at the configurations of the way you and your partner sleep.

There are some revelations here for sure, especially the ones that reveal you may be a secret Nazi or that you are, in fact, living in a children's book.

Take a look below. And for more of Holly's work visit her website.


h/t Sad And Useless

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