Key & Peele's MC Mom Embarrasses Her Son By Rapping About His Crispy Socks And Used Kleenex

No matter how embarrassing you might think your mom is, just be grateful she's nothing like MC Mom from this uncensored preview sketch from Key & Peele. Because MC Mom is here to ensure—through the medium of rapping—that her son is completely humiliated in front of his college buddies.

MC Mom starts off pretty normal with her sweet and innocent rapping skills (her shaming game is next level from the get-go though) mainly going around her son's room and picking up on the various crispy items she finds, from socks to mags to tissues.

"How many crispy socks she gonna find, dawg?" asks one his dorm buds.

It's just the sort of well-meaning, 'i miss-you-son', kind of thing that, as a college freshman, you really don't want your parents to be sending to you because you know that your friends will have a good old laugh at your expense if they find it in your dorm room.

But that's what moms are like, full of love, missing you and totally out of touch with the younger generation and their 'crispy sock' habits.

But then the beat drops and—holy shit!—it gets very dark and all too real and before you know it, she's spitting rhymes like Dre—letting her son know that dad's left home to be with his new biatch—all the while keeping up the embarrassment quota so her son will spend the rest of his college life being the Meek Mill to his mom's Drake.


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