How Street Art Can Blend Into The Environment And Create Something Amazing

Love it or hate it street art is something that is all around you and become part of our urban culture if you happen to live in a big town or city, there is no escaping it.

However, even though urbanism and nature do not always get along well, there is always an exception to the rule in the shape of work created by Banksy, Natalia Rak, Nuxuno Xän, Công Thành, Pao Pao, hankdiggles, Sandrine Boulet and a growing number of very talented street artists.

These are people who totally understand the collaboration may create something really special and unique, turning 2D graffiti into seriously amazing 3D installations.

The examples above demonstrate just how well urbanism and nature can work in harmony when it comes to art.

There's no denying that it adds life and excitement to what is otherwise a dull space.


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