French Graffiti Artist Charles Leval (aka Levalet) Turns The Streets Of Paris Into Amazing Artwork

Charles Leval is a street artist from Paris who doesn't just paint on walls, but integrates the urban landscape into his work. So drain pipes become props for people to climb, or staircases become platforms for people to accomplish daring tricks.

Drain covers become umbrellas and cans of coke become the subject for media interviews.

Born in Epinal, Charles grew up in Guadeloupe, region where it comes into contact with urban culture and the visual arts. He continued his studies of visual arts in Strasbourg before basing himself in Paris.

The work is also imbued with plenty of wit and humor, turning the cityscape into a environment full of surprises where before there was just a building.

Charles says of the creative process, "The work is primarily a working drawing and installation. I stages my characters drawn with Indian ink in the public space , in a game of visual and semantic dialogue with this environment. The characters interact with the architecture and deployed in situations often bordering on the absurd."

You can check out some of his work above and head to his Facebook page for more.

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