Next Level Street Art - 57 Beautiful Examples That Are Pushing The Envelope Of Urban Creativity

It's not just Banksy that's brightening up the streets with his creativity, there are plenty of other urban artists who don't need a gallery space to showcase their art. From Portuguese artist Odeith's stunning 3D murals to Mr. Brainwash painting The Beatles on an abandoned retail space.

Smug, an Australian graffiti artist based in Glasgow, Scotland creates large scale works on the sides of houses and buildings which peer down at the people and cars below. Italian street artists Sten & Lex take on issues close to home in their work, which shows a sleeping pope dressed in his regalia.

Each artist has their own unique style, sometimes they incorporate the urban landscape into their work, sometimes their work stands out as a striking form in the mundanity of the urban environment.

If nothing else these images prove that, far from upsetting the cities they inhabit, these pieces bring some much needed color, charm, and individuality to the sometimes oppressive designs of our urbanised world.

For a peek behind the scenes of how Smug creates his murals, have a watch of the video below.

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