50 Adorable Smiling Animals That Are Guaranteed To Put A Grin On Your Face Today

Having a tough day? Not having a tough day? Either way smiling animals are always welcome in your life, because why would they not be?

Just look at them. Look at them! Look at their goofy grins, their beautiful beams, their so cute smirks. These are expression of joy that you need in your day.

Even if you had a heart as cold as pure granite, even you—medical anomaly that you would be—would find it difficult not to warm at the sight of these cheerful creatures.

And many of the animal kingdom are represented here, from your standard dogs and cats to tortoises, fish, giraffes, even sting rays—although whether the sting rays are actually smiling or just look like that as a default is up for debate.

Still, many of these animals are genuinely smiling because animals love to smile and be cheerful.

In fact, where humans are more likely to fake smile or smile sarcastically or through gritted teeth, animals' smiles are much more genuine.

So go ahead and soak up these happy, happy, joy of joyous smiles—and smiling's contagious so let it cheer you up too.


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