As If You Needed It, Here's 62 Examples That Show That Cats Can Sleep Pretty Much Anywhere

When sleep hits you, it hits you hard, but most people have some sense to get themselves in a comfortable place before the lights go out. Some people. Actually, when you come to think about it the same goes for the rest of the animal kingdom. Almost.

Introduce alcohol into the equation and everything changes. If you thought a drunk person had an incredible ability to sleep anywhere, that's nothing compared to what a cat can do. And they don't even get drunk.

So what's the deal on that?

As this collection of hilarious pictures show, it doesn't matter if its a window sill, someone's coat pocket, a box, even a wine glass, cats will sleep there. They are nature's true slackers.

It might look horribly uncomfortable to you, and probably the family dog too, but cats are made of extra stretchy muscles and so their bodies can accommodate sleeping in ridiculous places in ridiculous positions.

Plus, if you slept most of the day away like a cat does, you would soon evolve the ability to get some shut eye wherever and whenever it was necessary.

Then when they're done sleeping, they just readjust their body back by stretching, an act we could all learn from, as it's something we humans should probably do more of as it helps lubricate the joints.

Although we definitely shouldn't follow their lead when it comes to places to sleep. Unless you're blind drunk of course, then you can do exactly as a cat does, but you'll probably awake in a lot of pain.

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