#5WordSeduction—Twitter Attempts To Master The Art Of Seduction Using Only 5 Words

When it comes to seducing someone, there are many factors that come in to play. But that doesn't mean to say that with a few choice words you can't win someone over and have them as the proverbial putty in your hands.

Just what those words are depends on the person you're attempting to woo and probably how drunk you are.

If they're the right words there doesn't even have to many of them either, it's just a case of setting the mood and getting your intentions across using as few words as possible. They'll get the message. Maybe. Maybe not.

As was the case in the current hilarious Twitter hashtag game #5WordSeduction.

Started by @midnight they asked people to get creative, and witty, and give in just five words their best pickup lines—or lines that would work on them—that would cause someone to swoon with affection.

Which people did, along with using it as an opportunity to have some fun and come up with some outrageous ways to seduce someone in just a few simple, or not so simple, words.

So don't expect to find many lines here that you can use here (or maybe not), but do expect to be very amused.

Check out some of the fun below.

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