People On Twitter Share The Worst Backhanded Compliments They Ever Got #CrappyCompliments

Getting insulted by someone is in no way pleasant, but sometimes what's actually worse than someone explicitly offending you is when they give you a backhanded compliment. You know the type, like when someone says 'you look great, for someone so fat', or 'I wish I was like you and didn't care about what I looked like'.

At least with a plain old insult it's upfront, sure it may be unexpected but you hear it and you know it. With a backhanded compliment you start listening and your brain's thinking, "OK, OK, sure." Then comes the offending line and you're taken aback.

All you can do is smile through gritted teeth and say "Thanks!" while secretly plotting to exact your revenge. Hopefully undertaken with as many of their friends present as possible so the audible gasps as your throw shade make it all the much more satisfying.

Anyway, we've all been on the receiving end of them, and they say a problem shared on a trending Twitter hashtag is a problem halved. Well at least halved, if not quartered.

So after the hashtag #CrappyCompliments was started by Chris Hardwick on his late night internet show @midnight with Chris Hardwick, people started sharing the worse backhanded compliments they've ever received. And MY GOD there are absolutely hundreds of them.

Take a look at some of the funniest below.

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