8 Dads Who Have Have Amazing Parenting Ninja Skillz (+ 1 That Doesn't Quite Make The Grade)

When it comes to parenting you can never be too careful when it involves looking out for the safety of your children, but sometimes the the forces of nature (and other careless adults) throw you a curve-ball that requires dads to possess a very particular set of skills.

Skills they have acquired over a very long career as a parent, skills that can sense danger before it happens and take immediate action to protect their offspring.

Below are 9 fathers who have reached a level of instant reaction that any self-respecting ninja would be proud of, and 1 poor dad who 'almost' makes the grade, but fails at the crucial moment.

Always remember, parenting might look easy, but it's a full-time job with no time off for good behaviour.


1. With reactions faster than a speeding bullet this dad averted a nasty car accident.


2. It's good to know that your father will be there for you when you need him the most.


3. Being a ninja parent means being able to out-run a moving vehicle.


4. When a special event calls for cake you can be sure that your dad will have every accident angle covered.


5. With great power come great responsibility, especially if stairs are involved.


6. Even a parent with his hands full can still make room for more.


7. As a dad it always helps to have amazing ball control.


8/ Ninja dads are everywhere, you probably have one in your house.


And finally...This dad makes a great ball save but fails on the child safety essentials that are required to make him a ninja.


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