Modern Teen Slang - A Whole New Street Speak Vocabulary Specially Developed For Boring Adults

Welcome to your totally uncool adult life, it's something we all mistakenly strived to reach when we were still awkward teens and couldn't wait to be taken seriously by an older generation. How wrong we were.

Now you have reached an age where work and paying bills totally dominate your life and seriously, forget about the finding time to be cool anymore, spare time doesn't exist in your adult life, even if you could somehow make it happen it would all go to waste because the moment you reached adulthood you stopped being cool. Period.

So what to do? Well, there could be a solution at hand provided by our friends over at College Humor with a whole new slang vocabulary devoted to adults using words that only grown-ups will know the meaning of.

Yep, by adopting the hip teen slang and adapting it to your new station in life you can at last reclaim the essence of cool. Well, at the very least become slightly less boring.

So take a seat and get ready for Adult Slang 101, a class that will make you feel (at least in your own mind) that you are back in the saddle with cool slang words that are relevant to adults.

It's the best you can hope for at your time of life.


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