Dadholes: If You Are (Or Ever Become) A Male Parent Then You Just Might Be One

Let's face it, parenthood is one tough act to perform perfectly 100% of the time, apart from the torture of sleep deprivation and the total re-adjustment of your entire social life, it's a show that once commenced, will run the course of your entire life ("long enough for you to pay for college and their gay wedding!").

No wonder some of us guys don't take to it like a duck to water.

So take a look at these 'lessons in dad-life' from Chris Wylde, chances are, if you’re a dad, you will LOL, if you’re not, you will look at this as a kind of insight and warning as to what to expect when you have a kid and are forced to, you know, do stuff with them like take them to the park and let them play and entertain them and other sorts of activities that eat into your sitting-on-the-couch-and-drinking-beer time. The selfish a-holes.

Whatever the outcome these 3 videos below are a warning for the 'Dadhole' in all of us.  (warning, some usage of nsfw words uttered in extreme male frustration)


Dadholes - Dying is easy. Being a dad is hard.

Dadholes 2 - Dying is easy. Birthday parties are hard.

Dadholes 3 - Dying is Easy, 3 Kids is Hard.

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