People Without Children Think They 'Know', But Seriously, They Don't Have A Clue

Parenthood, it's billed as one of the seven wonders of life, something we all aspire to being part of one day, when the planets are in alignment and the oracles of the world give a timely nod in your direction and you say to your partner, "we are ready, let's do it!". And so the magical journey of being a parent will begin somewhere around here and from that moment onwards your life is completely fulfilled as you bring new life into this wonderful world and become one with the forces of the universe, complete with your new family.

Or at least that's how people without children think it's going to be. And yes, if you have kids you know just how mad they are (as you were too, before you took that step) in their thinking.

The reality is defined above by Michael McIntyre, a British comedian, and also a father of 2 children, so he knows the truth--if you are looking for some inspirational advice on how to be the perfect parent then you have come to the wrong place, what you get instead is the cold hard truth how your life changes, once you have children, and people, it isn't pretty.

So if you are at the apex of your life where this decision is weighing on your mind, watch the video above and then browse the infographic below and say to yourself with all honesty "is this for me?". No one will think any less of you if you run into the hills screaming and live the remainder of your life as a hermit.


Img: Mandatory.com

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