Listen To This Girl's Awesome Cover Version Of Michael Jackson's 'The Way You Make Me Feel'

Singing in your bedroom is definitely the rights of passage for any teenager the world over, it's your own private recording studio where, however bad you sound, it really doesn't matter to anyone else but you.

But what if you actually were good and disn't realize it, well i guess you could upload it to YouTube and let the world decide for you, which is exactly what this young lady did.

Musician Kawehi's talent is undeniable, as you'll learn when you listen to her amazing cover version of Michael Jackson's Bad-era "The Way You Make Me Feel."

Recorded in her bedroom, and complete with adorable dozing dogs, she uses looped beatbox vocals and a sampler to give MJ's tried and tested hit an awesome makeover.

Here's what she says about the track on YouTube:

I had tons of fun learning how to use my new BOSS RC-300 and BOSS FS-6 Switch Pedal with MJ's The Way You Make Me Feel. With an added channel to record, Undo/Redo switch pedal (alas, with a 2 second delay), and an FX pedal (pitch down effect for bass) I could pretty much have as much fun as I wanted!

The song was recorded way back in 2012 but recently got the exposure it deserved earlier this year thanks in part to Reddit. And it totally deserves the attention.

And if you want to hear about what she's been up to recently then check out her latest video upload to her YouTube channel - 'Brave by Sara Bareilles (cover by Kawehi) WITH LOVE, FOR ISAAC'

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