This Chubby Korean Baby Is Definitely The Greatest Dancer There Ever Was, Or Will Be

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new champion of the internet! No doubt her reign will be fleeting but she deserves her moment in the cyber limelight. Using the family TV stand like a podium in a nightclub this adorable baby starts starts waving her arms around with the wild abandon of a seasoned raver.

Other moves include bending over and shimmying her arms, swaying her hips and stamping her feet—at one point she even tries to get her bro involved.

He seems a little reluctant at first, naturally, but when you have the dancing might of this South Korean toddler bounding about next to you, it's an incentive you can't ignore for too long.

While we're on the subject of cute kids setting the internet alight, how about the below for being hands down one of the greatest pre-school graduation speeches ever. I could tell you what little Jathan Muhar says, but why spoil it? Much better to hear it for yourself.

And lastly, you may've already seen this next video or you may've been living in a cave—either way it deserves your attention (again). It's a toddler dressed as Predator and it's just glorious.

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