Gym Wildlife: A Hilarious Mock National Geographic Documentary That Perfectly Parodies Gym Culture

Anyone who's spent even a fleeting New Year's resolution's worth of time at the gym will know there are certain stereotypes and social groups that are near universal when it comes to the culture of working out.

YouTube channel Buff Dudes have made a spot-on, and hilarious, parody of those people.

To add an extra layer of humor they've shot the video in the style of a wildlife documentary, spoofing the informative tone to detail the curious creatures of the strange urban jungle known as the gym.

From the New Year newbs to the selfie-taking teens, to the harsh environment of the free-weight terrain.

Even the herds of males known as the elders, who like to walk the locker room naked, are here—every group is covered. The similarities to animals in the wild gathering at the local watering hole is uncanny.

And everyone of them is painfully accurate. If you go to the gym you'll either recognise yourself in this video, or the people that surround you while you sweat on the treadmill.

And if you are heading to the gym in 2016, look at this as research to know what you're up against.


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