'Fail Olympics'—Some Hilarious Sporting Fails As An Antidote To All The Winning At Rio 2016

In case you might have just emerged from a coma, or fell asleep under a rock, it's almost impossible to not be aware that the the 2016 Rio Olympics are currently running and it's effect is that people the world over are beginning to consider exercise as a life choice over playing Pokemon Go.

It might take some of the greatest sports men and women in the world to compete at the Olympics in their quest for world-recognized victory, but to fail at sport doesn't take much greatness at all. Unless failing is done so well that it becomes great. Which, in some of these circumstances, it kind of is.

In any case, if all the action from Rio 2016 is making you feel totally inadequate as athletes at the top of their game show what years of training and dedication results in. Then now is the time for some release from a non-exercise existence with some hilarious sporting schadenfreude.

A time to look at people competing in a sporting event or training for one, and for you to be glad that you're not them. Be glad that inaction is your modus operandi.

Because often to succeed you first have to fail, and there's plenty of that going on in this compilation.

So if you were feeling inspired by the Olympics to maybe go out and try your hand at some swimming or running or jumping in sand. Let this video be a reminder that sometimes its safer to just watch other people compete.

Track and field? More like track and fail! Amirite?


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