You Will Love These 12 Amazing Crazy Dog Portraits By Elke Vogelsang

You have to admit it, these canine candids are pretty amazing and funky, it takes a great talent to bring out the subtle character of your dog but Elke Vogelsang totally nails it.

In her spare time, professional photographer Elke likes to take portraits of her three pet dogs Ioli, Scout and Noodles.

Her wonderfully expressive photographs capture the beauty and character of her animals.

Based in Hildesheim, Germany, Vogelsang mostly shoots portraits of people and pets, but her trio of rescue dogs frequently find themselves in front of the camera.

Two of the dogs are Galgo Español mixes and the youngest, Loli, is a bonafide mut. Regardless of their pedigree, Vogelsang has a knack for capturing the dogs at their most expressive moments, resulting in photos that are equally heartwarming and humorous.

You can follow Vogelsang’s work on Facebook and 500px and she has prints of almost every photo available in her shop. (via Bored Panda)

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