'Amazon Movie Reviews' Twitter Account Collects The Most Hilarious Bad Reviews From The Site

Amazon probably isn't the first place you go to for an informed movie review (or maybe it is?), but it is a place full of some very bad reviews of popular movies. Some so bad they are bordering on the verge of comedy genius.

Sometimes they're written for fun, sometimes they're written in all seriousness, all times it's hard too tell which is which. But they do make for some compulsive browsing if you are bored.

Joe Grabinksi has been collating the best ones on his Twitter account Amazon Movie Reviews where he shares them with the internet. And he's doing a great deed because they are hilarious.

Whether they're a succinct synopsis or scathing criticism or just confused rant.

Don't expect too insight into the movies though, although you will learn that The Wolf of Wall Street has no wolves in it. Which, if we are honest is a pretty big thing if you are a lover of films with wolves in.

If you're a fan of movies, or a fan of bad movie reviews, then this Twitter account is for you. And if nothing else it'll teach you to maybe not take the titles of movies so literally.

Like the narratives those titles contain, most of of them are figurative.

Here are some of our favs, head to the Twitter page for many more.

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