Honest Trailers "The Lion King (feat. AVbyte)" Will Ruin Your Childhood

For anyone growing up in the 90s, The Lion King was the Disney animation du jour. It had everything, cute animals, celebrity voices (Darth Vader and Ferris Bueller to name but a few), the pains of growing up, death, romance and incest (yep, you heard me right!), all the elements that would have made William Shakespeare proud.

And of course all of those memorable songs, some of which we didn't understand a word of, but who cares about that. All in all it was a classic on every level.

So why not relive all the terrible pain and suffering you experienced as a child and prepare to have it all erased forever as the Honest Trailer guys rip your childhood memories to shreds by celebrating the 20th anniversary of the animated classic in the only way they know how. The horror.

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