'Citizen Vain' - Trump Goes To Hollywood With The Hilarious Twitter Hashtag #DonaldTrumpTheMovie

If Donald Trump does become the next POTUS then maybe one day he'll get a movie made about him. Of course both things would no doubt be awful, so let's hope neither actually transpires (if i had to chose it'd be the movie).

Meanwhile Twitter has been been amusing itself and having some political fun with what the title of a Trump movie might be. #DonaldTrumpTheMovie has been trending on the social network as people suggest hilarious names for a Trump'd up film.

Lets face it, most Twitter users usually steer clear of Donald Trump-themed hashtags for obvious reasons, but this is just too damn good to pass up for some. And once you start thinking up names you can't stop.

Of course none of them are very flattering, instead it's just another excuse for the social community to poke fun at the Republican nominee along with laughing through the pain.

Because if you don't laugh at the fact that Trump may become president, you'll cry.

Sob even, perhaps even wail and pull your hair. Or fall to your knees and throw your hands into the air like William Defoe in Elias' death scene in Platoon and scream, "WHYYYYYY!?"

Anyway, take a look at the various movie titles below and commend Twitter on what it does best. Having a laugh at a celeb's expense through the use of witty puns.

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