Matt McMullen Is Building Life-Size Erotic Robots That Can Talk, Blink, And Be Your Ideal Partner

Matt McMullen is an artist whose passion for sculpting the female form has led him to start creating life-size sex robots (or 'sexbots' as the adult industry calls them). His goal, he tells The New York Times, is to create something that will arouse someone on an emotional and intellectual level beyond the physical.

McMullen has been making customizable, life-size silicon sex dolls for the last 20 years. Called RealDoll they sell for between $5,000 to $10,000 and now he wants to use cutting edge technology to add an extra level of sentience to these silicon lovers, so they can talk, blink, think, and act like a real partner.

This new project is called Realbotix and for it he's hired a team of engineers who previously worked for a robotics lab that worked on lifelike humanoid robots. And the results so far are extremely lifelike, if not a bit creepy.

To begin with he's looking into creating convincing artificial intelligence along with features for the robotic head like blinking and the mouth opening and closing. He also wants to incorporate VR headsets to be used with the doll. Anything that creates an extra illusion of reality when it comes to having sex with an Erotic Robot.

As with any human-looking robot one of the big problems to overcome is the idea of the uncanny valley, where a robot looks similar to a human but not similar enough so it causes a sense of unease.

"With Realbotix, Mr. McMullen is trying to avoid that sense of uncanny by creating products that still look like dolls and not, as he says, copies of people." report The New York Times. "Mr. McMullen says the Realbotix head, which can be attached to the existing RealDoll body, will cost around $10,000, and be commercially available in two years. The full body, which he will begin developing next, will most likely range from $30,000 to $60,000."

For more on McMullen sex bots check out the video below.

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