Cute Babies And Animals Of The Day? Little Alicia Loves To Play With A 13ft Burmese Python

Cute babies and animals, they're the backbone of the viral internet. Always there, always a winning combo. But this particular video throws in a bit of a serpentine curveball on that whole scenario.

Because while it features an adorable small human, it partners it with a... python!

Yes, like some kind of alternate universe Jungle Book this young Mowgli likes nothing more than to snuggle up in the coiled clutches of a 13ft Burmese Python. Like you do.

Most normal parents would be horrified at such a friendship, but dad Jamie Guarino is a snake handler and is out to change public perception of these animals. "In this video I was showing the simple fact that snakes are not evil creatures."

He finishes by summarizing, "They can be a loving pet despite their bad reputation.", but not entirely convincingly.

Fair enough. But try telling that to Jon Voight.


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