Tear-jerking Moment As A Man Confronts Police After An Officer Shoots And Kills His Dog

Sean Kendall was at work when he got the tragic news that a Salt Lake City police officer had shot his dog. The incident happened while a cop was searching for a missing kid. The officer entered Kendall's yard to look for the kid and was confronted by Kendall's dog, a Weimaraner called Geist.

Naturally the dog's not going to be too happy that a stranger's suddenly on its human's property so the officer, feeling threatened, pulled out his gun and shot it.

"About 15 minutes ago I got a phone call from Utah animal control, calling to tell me that an officer had shot and killed my dog," the video above begins. "He was inside the backyard in a fenced off area."

When Kendall arrives at the scene the officer who shot the dog had gone, so in the video, shot by Kendall, we see him confront the cops still on the scene. And naturally he's pissed that something like this could occur, before citing that it seems to be happening all over the country.

"I've had this dog for three years." Kendall says. "He was my best friend, and he was shot because an officer couldn't back the f*ck up out of my house." What must be even more frustrating is the officers never gave adequate justification for their colleague killing the animal, just the vague reason of him feeling "threatened."

While the police need to protect themselves, this feels like the officer was a little too trigger happy. If you're a pet owner you'll know how devastated you'd feel if your own pet died—to have it taken away so suddenly and unexpected must feel even more gut-wrenching.

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