Badass Drummer Kye Smith Covers Nirvana’s Entire Discography In Just 5 Minutes

Starting with the track "Blew' from Nirvana's first studio album Bleach drummer Kye Smith works his way through the band's back catalogue right up to "You Know You're Right," which was the last song recorded by the band before Kurt Cobain's death.

And he does all this in under five minutes. Dude. It's part of Smith's "5 Minute Drum Chronology" series which sees him cover various bands' discographies—The Beatles, The Offspring, Blink 182, Foo Fighters—on the drums. It's pretty incredible stuff.

And his drumming is tight, as you will witness as he seamlessly moves from one song to the next without dropping a beat. For those who are about to rock, we salute you.

As one Youtube commentor states, "As a drummer, Nirvana fan and lover of rock and roll, this was so entertaining to watch. Grohl is one of my favourites. Really excellent job!"

But it gets better, he also has the best acknowledgment of his performance he could get, because none other than Nirvana's former drummer Dave Grohl tweeted the video with one word that says it all, "Dude..."

Surely there's no better accolade.

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