Adele’s Hit ‘Hello’ Gets A Cover Version Sung By A Korean High School Girl And It's Incredible

After a spell of writer's block Adele re-emerged onto the music scene a couple of weeks ago with her internet-breaking song "Hello." Since its release it's edging towards nearly 300 million views on YouTube. Not bad.

Meanwhile, while YouTube has been swamped with over wannabe Adele cover versions, over at the Seoul Music High School in South Korea high school student Ye Jin Lee has sung a spectacular cover of Adele's hit.

Just her voice and her friend playing piano, sung in a school classroom.

It packs an equally emotional punch and it even rivals Adele's original in the voice stakes, close your eyes and it could well be Adele's voice.

But, whatever, because it's a fitting rendition of a powerful song, and Lee is clearly a very talented singer. And, with a voice like that, deserves all the praise the internet can muster.

You can compare and contrast it with Adele's original below.

Something else pretty great to emerge from Adele's song is Sir David Attenborough narrating the music video for it in the style of one of his nature documentaries.

It was done for a British radio show, but it makes you wish there was a whole YouTube channel dedicated to Attenborough narrating contemporary music videos. Watch it below.

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