BBC News Mistakenly Calls Large Hadron Collider 'Hardon Collider'—Twitter Has A Field Day

No matter how old you get, you'll still find yourself stifling school kid giggles at the sight of a euphemistic typo. BBC News recently made such a typo when they were covering the relaunch of the Large Hadron Collider.

Against footage of scientists at the "world's largest atom smasher" (which is a euphemism in itself), the wording mistakenly said "Hardon Collider Restart" *snigger* . Not sure who it was who made the mistake—maybe an intern who was leaving on bad terms?

But Twitter reacted the only way it could, by making immature, childish jokes. The BBC meanwhile have remained quiet.

Here's some of Twitter's sterling work.

It looks like the typo is contagious too. Forbes Tech News tweeted out a story with the same typo.

Although it works well with the headline.

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