Staring At Your Phone Gets The Soundtrack It Deserves With This Hilariously Accurate Song

We're all guilty of doing it, in fact we're guilty of doing it so much that it's almost like our default state. In this parody song from Barely Political, the crime of looking at your phone is mocked in a very funny rap that's also depressingly accurate.

It touches on a lot of home truths, so don't be surprised if you find yourself wincing at some of the burns. Heck, you're probably looking at your phone right now reading this. It's all just so meta.

Anyway, it's something we can all relate to, because lets face it, somewhere along the technological timeline we've all got seriously obsessed with staring at our smartphones whenever we get the chance, it's an addiction that shows no sign of abating.

At least, not until we get some decent wearables (sorry Apple Watch, not you), then we can just stare at our arm or wherever they'll be instead.

Gotta go, i think i just got a text message.........


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