Microsoft's Age-Estimating App 'How Old Do I Look?' Celebrity Edition - #HowOld #Fail

Microsoft recently launched their How Old Do I Look? online app which lets you upload a picture of yourself, or anyone you want, and it'll guess your/their age. It quickly caught on with people mainly because it wasn't always accurate.

That's not to say it alway missed the mark, because it didn't, it just has some teething problems it needs to work through (which they freely admit to). But that didn't stop people from uploading all kinds of different pictures for the How Old Do I Look? robot to assess.

They included everything from mummified remains to fictional aliens, but the ones that really caught on were people we could all identify with. That's right. Celebrities.

Here's some of the results it's been giving and some of the the fun the internet (and we) have been having with it. Take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly below—and if you're feeling brave  (or young) upload a picture of yourself and see what age you get.

Who knows it could make your day. Or maybe not.