Benedict Cumberbunnies Are Here To Make Sure You Have A Creepy (Yet Delicious) Easter

Chocolate meets celebrities, or more accurately celebrities become chocolate thanks to tasty talents of chocolate artist Jen Lindsey-Clark. Specifically Benedict Cumberbatch who Lindsey-Clark has turned into a selection of weird Easter treats. Just try to imagine getting your teeth into Mr. Cumberbatch. Go on.

Lindsey-Clark has created a range of chocolate bunnies with the face of Cumberbatch and the body of a rabbit. These strange 400g mythical creatures she's called The Cumberbunny, they're "hand-glazed with edible lustre dust" and can be bought in milk, dark, and white chocolate. They also come sporting a bow tie.

It could be yours for $70 and you can buy them on Lindsey-Clark's site Chocolatician. "He will spring from his white warren box with a beautiful orange ribbon and easter bunny tag, sealed in a cellophane bag for freshness." says the site. Ok, that last bit was slightly weird.

But just imagine it, bunnies, chocolate and Sherlock Holmes all rolled into a mouthwatering delight that you can devour like some sort of zombie with a sweet tooth. It's a win-win-win situation all round.

And it doesn't look like these hybrid celeb-bunnies will end with Cumberbatch either. "Other celebrity bunnies coming soon" teases Chocolatician, "or perhaps you would like to commission your own face to get chocolatized?"

Easter will never be the same again.


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